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"Wat · ik · schreeuw · lijkt · niet · slecht, · maar · wat · ik · schrijf · ben · ik · echt.."

Podcasts: Bones/Dollhouse

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So, I've been downloading some TV-show related podcasts to listen to while I work. Here are just some notes as a kind of quick review.

- Man talk - a Bones themed podcast, with some people on the phone. I listened to an interview with TJ Thyne (Hodgins), and the only thing I got out of it was that it turns out he's got a youtube hit going with a short called "Validation". The interview was very chaotic, people kept talking through eachother, thought they were being hilarious or something. :/

- Karrie and Alice's Dollhouse podcast - first of all they have microphone issues (or really shrill voices), secondly.. they go off in a lot of tangents. The language used is the "whatev" kind. In other words, if I was on the phone with a friend, I'd probably hang up in frustration ;) (right at this minute they're discussing their weight.) They also like to mention how they hate this show a lot. Yeah. :/
The only thing I got from this podcast, is the theory that Victor (one of the dolls) is imprinted (partly) with his *original* personality (the one he had 'erased' when he entered the Dollhouse). Two valid arguments for this are the fact that a) he is said to be recognized by someone in an ep? and b) he mentions somewhere to the cop that he wouldn't mind a doll-like existence.
Edit OK they also brought up the second Xena musical episode ;) Which was good. :D

Anyone have any nice podcast recommendations? I also watch/listen to the official LOST podcast :)
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