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"Wat · ik · schreeuw · lijkt · niet · slecht, · maar · wat · ik · schrijf · ben · ik · echt.."

Toch maar weer even een post

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Hoi allemaal, gelukkig nieuwjaar! :)

It's been a while since I wrote a post because I've been really busy!

Things are looking up :) When it comes to my Journalism studies, I've done a little 'race' towards the amount of points I needed to go on my second internship. In 2 months I've gained 17,3 study points (and I must admit I lost touch with study stuff to know if that's a lot on average- but it's a lot for me!). Tomorrow I'm going to Zwolle to discuss possible internship towns. I'm really nervous.
In the meantime I still have 12 study points to get, but I hope to get some of them through my website (see below) and some I will get from 3 tiny reports I have to write. But I think this may actually be the year of my graduation! ;) (and my god will I party if that actually happens)

In November I started my website (dutch) http://www.studieafronden.nl , which has not gotten the amount of love it deserved from me, but still is simmering along nicely. Over the last few years I have learned I have a limited amount of creative energy to go around. If I am not careful, one of my projects (be it study or something else) will be neglected, and become an itchy cloak of guilt while I focus on other things.

So I have to learn to really divide my time fairly between the things I want to do and then have enough time to reload my creative batteries :) So far, so good! And the year is starting out to be a good one.
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On January 8th, 2010 06:18 am (UTC), dekyria commented:
Gelukkig nieuwjaar :D
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